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SV JAZZ is a group of musicians based out of Winchester,  VA.  We provide live music for events needing live music such as weddings,  receptions,  fundraisers,  dinners,  special events, galas, business openings and festivals.  Our versatile groups of musicians range from a jazz duo, Sharp Four,  Little Big Band to our thirteen piece Sinatra Style Big Band.  We have the right sized group for all your needs.  

Music We Perform

All of the groups mainly cover jazz and Latin.   Our Little Big Band does cover some more contemporary reception music such as Shout, She Caught The Katy,  Let The Good times Roll, You Are So Beautiful and similar.  

Our smaller groups can also provide ceremony music. One of our highlight ceremony performances was providing a four piece group of tenor sax,  guitar,  acoustic bass and drums to play as a recessional The Wedding March transitioning to Signed,  Sealed  Delivered. Custom arranged for this wedding client by request.    

Group Suggestions

Small event with no dancing - One of our small combos without drums

Small event with dancing-  One of our small combos with drums

Medium to Large event - small combo for seating or dinner and add larger band for livelier parts of event

Festival - Any group.   The larger the group,  the higher the band cost.



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